A trip to the south with Farfetch x Capitol

I’ve always heard the South was more than just barbecues and fried chicken. I really never thought I’d get to have a glance at the chicest experience in North Carolina. I was invited by Farfetch to celebrate Capitol Boutique’s 20th Anniversary in Charlotte. Making my way to the hotel room I realized I had a total different perspective of what this trip would be.



I found myself joining a group of bloggers to discover Capitol’s boutique, the women’s store division. Although there probably was nothing for me to wear, it was impossible for me to stop starring at how organized, detailed and beautiful their collections were. Every single designer, new season, you name it, it was there! The girls had a little fun playing dress-up but I didn’t worry cause I knew the next day it was my day, and I was the only guy in the trip – so that meant all for me!

We were gathered in a bus and driven to North Corner Haven for a one-of-a-kind farm party. I’ve been to many farms in my life, but nothing like this. We had skeet shooting in one side, goat playground, a moonshine teepee tent, oyster bars, real open bar situation in the middle, I mean there was everything you could possibly ask for. Women and men were dressed head-to-toe in designer, everyone in beautiful spring gowns and tailored blazers. All I could think of was, could this get any better?


The second day we headed to the Men’s store – Tabor. I finally had the chance to play dress-up but in a total different scene. When we arrived at the store there was a southern BBQ party outside, people seated by the benches enjoying a sip of rosé or their favorite beer. I got the chance to meet the incredible staff and snap pictures in every corner. Right after we had to change into our outfits and get ready for the Oscar De La Renta Exhibit Unveiling at the Mint Museum.


I wore an Engineered Garments suit & Common Projects sneakers for the party.



Being able to presence this unveiling was magical. Coming from a Dominican background myself, knowing the full story behind this amazing man and his career, I felt honored to be invited to presence this. I could remember my mother wearing some of his pieces with admiration and pride. The party wasn’t any less, we danced all night to the DJ’s music until our feet hurt and we had to go back to the hotel. It was an indescribable weekend, from the warmth of the people to the amazing experiences – unforgettable.





I finally did it! I’ve been talking Asia for so long that now it came true. I went all the way to Shanghai & Hong Kong to discover two very different sides of China. Shanghai was more of a historical experience. Visiting Old Shanghai and Yu Gardens was exactly how we viewed China in the movies of Bruce Lee or Karate Kid when we were young. The culture is so rich, I didn’t understand a word but you can see how people really are proud of their own identity. It was really funny how they viewed us as so very beautiful human beings because we were so different to what they are used to see, in some cities they rarely see international tourists so when they bump into you, they even ask for pictures sometimes. The food, I would only eat BBQ pork Dim Sums, I’m sorry, I just loved them.
Places to visit? Historically: Yu Gardens, Old Shanghai, Xin Tian Di, and Tian Zi Fang.
Places to eat? El Willy, Hakkasan, Mercato, Mr & Mrs Bund, Everywhere in the BUND and Xin Tian Di.
Place to dance and with a view? Definitely has to be Bar Rouge.
Hong Kong on the other hand was my favorite. It is so very like New York, fast-paced, advanced, metro life, professional. I fell in love with this place. The first day when I arrived to the W Hotel, I couldn’t go out until the next morning, there was no need to. I said to myself, this is home. I felt so welcomed to this place, the vibe was so young, fresh and the view on the rooftop pool was to die for. I was lucky enough to capture the entire sunset and sip some bellini in the water. The malls, are for real hardcore shoppers, if you don’t consider yourself one, don’t try them!
Touristic places to visit should be the beautiful view and restaurants at Victoria Peak where you can see the whole city from over 500 meters off ground from the tram station. Also, the crazy streets of endless bars in Lan Kwai Fong is a must. The upward and downward labyrinth streets at Soho are crazy with an amazing shopping experience near the financial district.
I went to have dinner to this amazing restaurant at the Ritz Carlton, right next to our hotel. The restaurant was awarded 2 Michelin Stars, it’s called Tosca and it has an exquisite Italian cuisine.
As some of you already saw, I ended this great trip in a happy place, Hong Kong Disneyland! This was by far my favorite city and I was so excited to show you guys how totally worth it China and Hong Kong could be.
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