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I’ve been asking myself lately, what is going on? I can’t comprehend how so much hate can exist. Sometimes I try to stay away from discussing my point of view about news that go on everyday and in those political scenes. I’ve been hurting for those that are affected day by day through uncontrolled events.

This year has been a harsh year with the death of so many throughout the different attacks that have been going on around the world and the horrible natural disasters happening. My love and prayers go out to all of those families affected by such events in different countries.

I wake up every other week and scroll down my feed finding these news. In a world full of people, people that are just differentiated by social status or privileges. Let’s remember we all have the same 1 life to make things happen. At the end of the day we are one human kind, we are one race. We come from so many different backgrounds and upbringings, but we all share the same opportunity which is life. Your life is what you make out of it. No limitations exist to a mindset of abundance and love.

Equality is such a strong and powerful word that goes in hand with tolerance. Tolerance is understanding that we are equal. With tolerance you are loving someone for who they are and accepting their differences from yours. Everyone is different, we all share different education, passions, beliefs, preferences, among other things.

Let’s remember we are all born the same way. Love is the first thing we learn by being granted the gift of life. The situations we go through are not necessarily what shapes us and make us a certain way, it’s what you do with those situations and how you decide to react towards it that makes you who you are. If I sit down and narrate all of the things that I know people close to me have gone through and even myself, you would think we all have a reason to hate. The answer is no, no one does. The only thing that comes from hate is self-destruction. Learning to understand differences and loving them is really being appreciative of the life that has been granted to you.

One day you will find someone you think is special, you’ll think that person is your world. You will want to give that person anything you can possibly obtain and you’ll want them to live the best life. For some people that person will be their mother, their father, a lover, their husband, their children, a friend. That day you will experience true love. When you do, ask yourself “what if I ever loved everyone around me the way I love this person”. If you love more, if you loved everyone around you including yourself, you’ll live happier.

Much love, C.P.