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This winter I’ve partnered up with Grana again to style some of their latest shirt collection pieces and my favorite joggers from their brand. I asked them specifically if I could talk to you guys about this. I’m totally in love with the quality of the Pima Joggers, I want to wear them everyday. I literally received these joggers in the mail and I knew exactly how to style them. It’s cold, I know.. But! with the appropriate thermal underwear you can rock a comfy but chic look for this winter.

Because it’s winter and I love these colors, I went for a neutral look, matching the classic white shirt with the relaxed joggers and some white kicks. Technically this is a casual chic look, we’re combining more formal pieces as this buttoned shirt with casual ones below. The scarf is two-toned which helps you style the look differently depending on what colors you wish to add, in my case I’m using a grey-black. This scarf keeps my same color palette but also adds that black touch to stand out. Rock this look with a pair of edgy sunglasses and you’ve got yourself a super comfortable outfit, at the same time looking tres chic!

Grana has always had the most amazing cashmere, you guys remember the mongolian cashmere styling session with them in November. I believe when it comes to this brand it is all about how you can look amazing but still feeling comfortable while layering and using accessories.

These are my top picks from their latest collection, I hope you like this idea because I am also trying to feel comfortable but look clean and prepared for any ocassion during this season. Also, I’ve got goodies for you! You can also grab your picks with a 10% off using my code “CPXGRANA” in while checking out.

– C.P.

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Second day of snow in New York and I’m loving it!
I actually didn’t like the bit of snow we had last month, because I fell on my bum down the stairs at the subway exit. However, this time I managed to get the right shoes to walk and was able to enjoy it. I went down today and crossed over to the park in front of my house. The trees look beautiful all covered in snow and the feeling of it gently falling upon your face is indescribable.
Coming from a warmer weather we never had anything close to snow.  We only saw snow in movies and as cliche as it sounds, it is the dream of a little kid to play with it one day. I probably saw snow like two times while traveling as a kid, but honestly I don’t remember a single thing about it.
I mean, I could be sitting on my bed watching the snow fall outside my window for hours, it is such a peaceful thing to do. Grab your coats, take your snow boots or shoes and go out, become that kid again. Take time for yourself and meditate on your resolutions for this year.
– C.P.





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It’s our birthday! We have officially been launched for 1 year already. CPWEARS turns 1, Whaaat!
What was once a dream is now a reality guys. There’s so much to be grateful for and all of you to thank, specially for your amazing support and love.
Behind this career path as bloggers we tend to overcome many obstacles that most of you guys don’t know about. First of all, I started blogging back in Dominican Republic, an island where only female bloggers were recognized and male bloggers couldn’t even think of existing because of how close-minded our society is.
I remember being back and forth thinking if whether or not I should have taken the decision of renaming my instagram and starting to post pictures about the daily outfits that I came up with to go to work and for school. At first, my family was totally against it, they didn’t like the way I was dressing up and my friends made fun of me for taking pictures everyday in my family’s business garage.
I decided to open my website because I wanted to have my own portal. Social media platforms come and go all the time, but having your own website makes it professional, and adds longevity to your work. I always dreamt of opening the doors for more bloggers and follow the footsteps of so many colleagues that are now my friends from all over the world.
This is a blog purely made of a flame that is lit inside of me, it’s called passion. I dreamt so much about doing what I was born to do. I love inspiring, writing, sharing my creativity and the art of dressing up by moving cultural and societal barriers along the way. Today I can say I made it past my first year as an official “blogger” and it hasn’t been easy at all, but it sure has been worth it. I just can’t wait to see where this journey will take me, and I hope to see each and everyone of you in it! I love reading your comments, your DMs, and even each like you add to my pictures. Please consider this bouquet of red roses as a gift from myself to you.
Much love,



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Happy New Year Guys!
It’s finally here, 2016 was great, but I’m so ready to end this year. I’m ready for this next chapter, but first let’s talk about a few of the things that happened this year.
I launched my blog on New Year’s Eve! Yes, It’s going to be my first year as an official “blogger”. I launched it while being on vacations in Dominican Republic. I then took it to Miami where I did it just for fun during my studies, until I came to New York and told myself, “I’m doing this”.
I decided I wanted to pursue blogging aside from my business & marketing path because it was my passion. Truth is I rejected many offers and took the decision of not going back to my family and incurring in different businesses because I realized I couldn’t have just come so far and quit everything I’ve worked for.
Fashion has always been my passion, just like music. I have one life, one opportunity, why not do all I can to make my dreams come true? I mean, everyone has one life and many people do achieve their most wildest dreams (quoting Taylor) so why can’t I?
It hasn’t been easy. Adapting to a new market, meeting new people all over again and entering this competitive but motivated world. This industry is growing for us, that’s why I believe I hopped in at the best moment.
I’ve always found myself determined to achieve what I’ve wanted and that is exactly what I’m going to do in 2017. I am ready to work my butt off, grow as a person and a professional, and open my life to just live the best of it. Hey, traveling will always be part of it too! (Europe, I’m coming for you!)
So, I want to thank you all and let you know this will be a fun ride, bumpy at times but I guarantee you I will work so hard to deliver great content and share more of my life with you all while I keep chasing my dreams and achieve the goals I set for myself. Stay tuned as always and thank you again for the amazing support and words I always receive from you!
– C.P.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
It’s been a heck of a week! I’ve loved my holidays so far and I’m just so excited for them to end as I was for them to start. Truth is I can’t wait for what 2017 holds for me and for all of you guys. It’s just so exciting to end this year and look back to all the amazing things that happened, but now let’s talk about how dreamy my staycation before Christmas was!
I stayed at The Time New York around Time Square in Manhattan for a night and it was just what I needed. I needed to go away from home for a bit and just relax. I didn’t travel for the holidays or went back to visit my family in D.R. So I felt like this was just perfect.
The bedrooms are amazing, literally such a boutique hotel in the middle of the city with amazing attentions. I decided to have some fun and play around with breakfast, shooting on every corner and just being a goofball. I feel like anyone should do this once in awhile. If you can’t go far, if you have a lot of work, just pick a hotel around you and check-in for a night or two. You’ll just relax, bring your masks, put a robe on and enjoy yourself as you deserve it.
– C.P.
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