Hey Guys!

Welcome back! I’m so excited to introduce you to the new layout of the blog. I hope you love this new design as much as I do. If you’re a reader from the beginning, you will be able to identify some similarity from the first layout I ever designed. I’m also really excited to show you all the new things I have in mind, new projects, new platforms, new type of content!

So talking about new beginnings, about two months ago I sat with myself and realized how blessed I was, I started thanking God for allowing me to be able to pursue my passion and live where I’ve always wanted to. I decided what better way to celebrate my new website and welcome Fall than surrounded by my closest supporters on a sunset rooftop gathering hosted by me and my friends from Veuve Clicquot.

I simply love having bubbles around me when I celebrate, specially when toasting to success. I’m grateful for having such amazing friends and family that support me. It’s been a year since I finally moved to New York from Miami. I can remember how tough were the first few months. I found myself with no plans for Christmas, sleeping before midnight on New Years, and praying to attend those Fashion Week events in the winter.

Today, I look back and see how far I’ve become this year and how many doors have opened in terms of partnerships, brands that I dreamed to work with, and events that I never thought of attending.

Fall is my favorite season as it marks the anniversary of moving to this city and chasing my dreams, encountering new obstacles and learning how to overcome them. I’ve been heart-broken, I’ve laughed, made new friends, ended friendships, went through a great loss and the birth of a new family member. No matter what happened week by week, I tried to keep a positive mindset overall. Here I am celebrating all of this and preparing myself for the next big obstacles and achievements that are on their way. To be honest, there is always going to be something to be grateful for, so why not toast to that?

Thanks to Veuve Clicquot for being part of my vision and a dream to work with. These bubbles surely helped sparkle the night!

Much love, C.P.





Sunglasses (Thom Browne)

Shirt (Richard James)

Pants (Zara)

Sneakers (Banana Republic Men’s)

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It’s not a secret to anyone that SoHo is my favorite place in the city. I literally go there every day, it’s like my home without living there, if that makes sense. I’ve always wanted to do a brief guide to what are my go-to spots in SoHo, so I’ve partnered up with Canada Goose to showcase some of these places where you can shop any given day or sip on a tasty matcha lemonade.
I wake up at 7:00 a.m. every morning, have my breakfast and clean up. I’m usually taking the subway downtown by 9:00 a.m. Basically my day involves getting a lot of work done from my computer at the gym’s workout space around Prince St. or working from a coffee shop if there is no meetings or events scheduled.
The weather in New York has been very bipolar lately (well, aways). It’s been raining one day and then the next day you are going to find an amazing weather to go to the beach. It is a pain to go out wearing your new pair of sneakers, that cute short-sleeve shirt you got last weekend and get wet right away from the crazy rainy wind of the evening. So, I decided to go to Canada Goose to do a quick shopping. Not only they have amazing outerwear, but I recently found out they have these light windbreakers that you could easily wear on a summer rainy day without sweating your life on the subway.
After a quick look into their newly-opened store in 101 Wooster St. I found the perfect one, this sandpoint jacket in sage. The technology is super breathable, foldable and very lightweight, so it is perfect for any 70 degree weather.
Once my shopping was done, I took off to my other favorite spot, this time in Broome St. Greecologies! You guys know that I am obsessed with anything matcha-related and that I literally spend most of my afternoons working from this coffee shop. Lately I’ve been changing the hot latte for just a matcha lemonade with agave because it’s just more refreshing!


I hope this brief guide gives you an insight to where to go in SoHo if you find yourself soaking wet like me before attending an event, or if you are sweating your life and need a quick stop to refuel yourself for the day.
– C.P.
Shop the sandpoint jacket here



From where I’m from it’s always been a stigma wearing your hair curly.  Men or women with curly hair are bullied, made fun of or stereotyped while growing up. Kids get low cuts the moment their hair start to go through the changing phase. Girls are taken to the salon every week to get their curls tamed because curls are not “good hair”, I grew into this culture myself where Hispanics – Spanish, specially Dominicans are very aware of how your hair looks and how they believe it should look like.

Let me tell you a story about this kid who used to go to school and always get a very short haircut, but wished to had long straight hair like his dad. He would try every single product he found in his house to try to make it look like exactly the same, but nothing ever worked. Growing up he started going to the salon with his mom, he would watch her blow dry her hair once or twice every week. After a few trips to the salon he started disliking his own hair and believing that his mom, who used to have curly hair, had ruined his genes in that matter. At school, in the streets, in his house and with his family, people would often joke around him and call his hair “nappy”.

Then it came to the years of going out and partying. He was now in the “public eye” (to high-schoolers). He became self-conscious about grooming so the pressure increased to have straight hair before he went out every time. The day of his confirmation ceremony he told his mother he wanted to wear straight hair for that occasion, so she did him the favor and took him to get a quick blow dry.

He arrived at church, did the line of the confirmation, and as he walked forward every single one started looking at his hair and making fun of it by whispering to the person next to them about it. Now, let’s imagine how he felt. He was not a kid anymore and still, they were making fun of his intentions and how his hair looked. All he wanted was to look “better” because he thought his curls were ugly and he wanted to look different. However, he boosted his confidence up in that same instant, realized his hair looked better than all of the boys in the venue, and took the best family portrait.

Fast-forward to the present, that guy was me. I grew up with so many insecurities about my curly hair, believing everything that was said around me. I kind of jokingly blamed my mother for having her Spanish genes dominate over my father’s, constantly. Truth is, I didn’t stop being harsh on my hair until it became very unhealthy and starting falling off. When I moved to New York I also realized that people didn’t give a damn about my hair, they saw me for who I am, with and without the curls.

So I started wearing my hair curly every other night after my workouts and the compliments started coming in. People would tell me in the streets, at events, everywhere. One day I asked my hairstylist which type of product she believed would be the best to smoothing my curls and make them look soft and styled, she introduced me to the Smooth Infusion line from Aveda. This line specializes in smoothing and treating curly hair. To my surprise, my hair was extremely soft and less damaged, the curls are very manageable and the hair grew back in the bald spots.

The reason why I’m dedicating this post to my experience with curly hair is because there is a stigma and tons of stereotypes within society based on ignorance and superiority. Part of being happy with yourself is loving yourself naturally without any alterations or changes. You are beautiful, unique and exotic in your own way, cherish that! Don’t be that kid that I used to be for so many years, living under insecurities and letting other’s opinions control the way I wanted to look like.

A few days ago I posted a picture on Instagram and believe it or not, the first ones to criticize my hair were those close to me, friends and members of family from back home. I really didn’t let that bother me since I already know their way of thinking and I also know my way of thinking now. Anyways, today I can assure you that I wear my curls with pride and I actually feel more attractive in them.. Funny, huh?

– C.P.


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Perfect, cotton is your best friend. You must be aware that is going to be a 90 degree weather outside and that if you’re not wearing breathable clothes, you’ll be ruined by the transpiration of your body. So, if it’s not linen, it’s definitely cotton.

I decided to go with Grana’s Peruvian Pima Cotton. Their cotton is super breathable and cool enough for this weather. So, I styled their blue acid wash crew neck tee cause it looks super cool with hippie vibe and  these blue chambray shorts. Makes sure to roll them up a little to show those quads and you’ll be rocking that monochromatic blue summer look.

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How do you elevate an outfit you find simple yet chic into something more edgy? Well, people often find that adding pieces or accessories to their looks elevate their style or makes it look edgy. In my case, I’m a leather jacket guy.
When it came to styling my AG Jeans skinny jeans and sweater I knew exactly the pieces I wanted to use for this purpose, that I could elevate from chic to edgy. I paired them up with my biker leather jacket and black patent boots. This made my look stand-out a bit and become easy to wear during the day and for any sudden night plans (Clubbing/bar hopping ehem).
To finish off, I added black Dior mirrored sunnies which quickly grabbed the focus back to me and works well with the whole edgy boy concept.

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 What am I wearing
Patent boots (Dr. Martens)
Leather Jacket (Diesel)
Sunglasses (Dior)