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This past Thursday I had the honor of attending a special dinner for AG Jeans’ new collection launch in collaboration with Esquire Magazine. In this dinner I saw some of my fellow blogger colleagues and met some pretty cool people as well. The whole purpose of the dinner was of course for us to have a glance at the upcoming collection and to celebrate the success of fashion & pop culture photographer Albert Watson.

It was amazing to see how Mr. Watson captured some of the most iconic shots of the past three decades, one of them including the most recognized portrait of Steve Jobs. Other shots included very emotional and political scenes, as well as portraits of supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. I’ve always enjoyed fashion photography and by seeing the work of someone that has shot numerous Vogue Covers made me so aware about my own work and which direction I want my work to go.

My look for this dinner was denim on denim, a very thick and dark texture from AG Jeans’ new collection jacket and pants, an oversized sweater from the streetwear brand Misbhv, classic Vans and rings from Miansai.

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One of the things that I like about living in New York is that everywhere you transport yourself to you can find totally different surroundings with people dressing on so many different styles. Brooklyn is known for being the hipster neighborhood where the “cool kids” live.

As I’ve mentioned before, high-end streetwear is growing on me. I’ve been learning more and more about streetwear designers, what are the hypebeast trends and how to style them in a chic way that fits my original style. Someone asked me the other day if my style was changing on purpose. I responded to that person that I not necessarily fit in one single style, but that I knew what trends didn’t go well on me. I feel identified with a sporty-streetwear look or a total chic look, while wearing high-end designer pieces combined with generic brands. One day find me walking down the streets in Soho wearing all black and a statement jacket, the other day you’ll see me wearing clear glasses, a chic turtleneck and cropped dressy pants.

I must admit that I was inspired on this look by a European blogger that I’ve been following for a while. I was amused on how he could still look chic wearing a sweatshirt wrapped around his waist and wearing a hoodie with combat/lace-up boots. Red was the option, I pulled a pair of hugo boss red socks I had bought over Christmas for a photoshoot with Mr Porter and to my surprise the pop-of color paid off, matching the sweatshirt. In the pictures you will be able to see how I styled this look initially and then a spin-off by taking the hoodie off and wearing the sweatshirt alone for a more safe option.

I’ll be leaving below some links to where you can find similar items for the pieces I’m wearing.

–  C.P.




Hoodie (Kendrick Lamar – Damned Tour Merch) / Sweatshirt (Spin promo sweater) / Pants (H&M) – Red Socks (Hugo Boss) – Lace-up boot (Dr. Martens) / Sunglasses (Coastal)

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I’m sure you guys have been seeing the new trend with bags, specially fanny packs worn as crossbody bags. These bags are the new it-accessory for both men and women.  I must confess that I’m obsessed with them, specially if they are some sort of vintage find.

I was searching the closets of my apartment the other day and I found this old a-f cross body bag. I immediately had an outfit idea, why not?

I thought this bag would look good styled in a very streetstyle-chic way. I had in mind that wearing jeans, a simple two-tone striped shirt and slippers would be the perfect outfit to not overshadow the bag, but complement it and make the whole look a bit more current.

My advice for wearing these bags, specially when they are vintage and you have no idea what brand or designer they are, is wearing a simple outfit that makes it stand out. Let the bag be the statement piece, unless you want it to be a complement to a colorful, Mix N’ Match look. Oversized and neutral tones are always a safe option. It’s all about your style and what functionality you want the bag to take.



What am I wearing?

Shirt: R.M. Williams

Jewelry: Miansai

Sunglasses: Thom Browne

Jeans: Grana

Slippers: Gucci

Shopping options to fanny packs and crossbody bags

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It’s not a secret to anyone that SoHo is my favorite place in the city. I literally go there every day, it’s like my home without living there, if that makes sense. I’ve always wanted to do a brief guide to what are my go-to spots in SoHo, so I’ve partnered up with Canada Goose to showcase some of these places where you can shop any given day or sip on a tasty matcha lemonade.
I wake up at 7:00 a.m. every morning, have my breakfast and clean up. I’m usually taking the subway downtown by 9:00 a.m. Basically my day involves getting a lot of work done from my computer at the gym’s workout space around Prince St. or working from a coffee shop if there is no meetings or events scheduled.
The weather in New York has been very bipolar lately (well, aways). It’s been raining one day and then the next day you are going to find an amazing weather to go to the beach. It is a pain to go out wearing your new pair of sneakers, that cute short-sleeve shirt you got last weekend and get wet right away from the crazy rainy wind of the evening. So, I decided to go to Canada Goose to do a quick shopping. Not only they have amazing outerwear, but I recently found out they have these light windbreakers that you could easily wear on a summer rainy day without sweating your life on the subway.
After a quick look into their newly-opened store in 101 Wooster St. I found the perfect one, this sandpoint jacket in sage. The technology is super breathable, foldable and very lightweight, so it is perfect for any 70 degree weather.
Once my shopping was done, I took off to my other favorite spot, this time in Broome St. Greecologies! You guys know that I am obsessed with anything matcha-related and that I literally spend most of my afternoons working from this coffee shop. Lately I’ve been changing the hot latte for just a matcha lemonade with agave because it’s just more refreshing!


I hope this brief guide gives you an insight to where to go in SoHo if you find yourself soaking wet like me before attending an event, or if you are sweating your life and need a quick stop to refuel yourself for the day.
– C.P.
Shop the sandpoint jacket here


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Perfect, cotton is your best friend. You must be aware that is going to be a 90 degree weather outside and that if you’re not wearing breathable clothes, you’ll be ruined by the transpiration of your body. So, if it’s not linen, it’s definitely cotton.

I decided to go with Grana’s Peruvian Pima Cotton. Their cotton is super breathable and cool enough for this weather. So, I styled their blue acid wash crew neck tee cause it looks super cool with hippie vibe and  these blue chambray shorts. Makes sure to roll them up a little to show those quads and you’ll be rocking that monochromatic blue summer look.

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