It’s not a secret to anyone that SoHo is my favorite place in the city. I literally go there every day, it’s like my home without living there, if that makes sense. I’ve always wanted to do a brief guide to what are my go-to spots in SoHo, so I’ve partnered up with Canada Goose to showcase some of these places where you can shop any given day or sip on a tasty matcha lemonade.
I wake up at 7:00 a.m. every morning, have my breakfast and clean up. I’m usually taking the subway downtown by 9:00 a.m. Basically my day involves getting a lot of work done from my computer at the gym’s workout space around Prince St. or working from a coffee shop if there is no meetings or events scheduled.
The weather in New York has been very bipolar lately (well, aways). It’s been raining one day and then the next day you are going to find an amazing weather to go to the beach. It is a pain to go out wearing your new pair of sneakers, that cute short-sleeve shirt you got last weekend and get wet right away from the crazy rainy wind of the evening. So, I decided to go to Canada Goose to do a quick shopping. Not only they have amazing outerwear, but I recently found out they have these light windbreakers that you could easily wear on a summer rainy day without sweating your life on the subway.
After a quick look into their newly-opened store in 101 Wooster St. I found the perfect one, this sandpoint jacket in sage. The technology is super breathable, foldable and very lightweight, so it is perfect for any 70 degree weather.
Once my shopping was done, I took off to my other favorite spot, this time in Broome St. Greecologies! You guys know that I am obsessed with anything matcha-related and that I literally spend most of my afternoons working from this coffee shop. Lately I’ve been changing the hot latte for just a matcha lemonade with agave because it’s just more refreshing!


I hope this brief guide gives you an insight to where to go in SoHo if you find yourself soaking wet like me before attending an event, or if you are sweating your life and need a quick stop to refuel yourself for the day.
– C.P.
Shop the sandpoint jacket here

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