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Hey Guys!!
It’s snowing so hard in New York but luckily we had this amazing warm temperature yesterday. It went up to 60 degrees and it felt so good to go outdoors without a coat and layers, therefore it was the perfect time to hit the park and workout with my new gear from Grana’s new activewear collection, Grana Move.
For me, working out has always been a huge part of my life. I used to be so chubby when I was very young until one day I got sick of my stomach, contracted a virus and lost nearly 20 pounds being hospitalized. It was such a tough time as I became lactose and fat intolerant, my childhood was totally ruined in terms of what I could eat or what I wanted to eat. It was very painful for a few years, but then I found myself swimming and practicing weight lifting.
By involving myself in fitness at a young age of about 16, I started enjoying workouts  better than sports. I’ve never been a sports guy, maybe chess and swimming, that’s about it! Going through puberty I realized I was very skinny as a result of my clean eating, then some curves appeared, the genes came through. I developed a slim-curvy body for a young man, and I hated it. I used to cover my butt with long polo-shirts so that nobody could see that I had a bubble butt or that I had a tiny waist (funny heh?). Now, I know many would kill for that, but back then it just took time and self-esteem to understand my body-type and what type of workout clothes made me look how I wanted to.
I took this time to tell you guys some of my story into fitness and how I used to body-shame myself for not accepting a different body-type than the ones my classmates had. Now, I love these legs and this tiny waist. C’mon, it makes my back look way bigger than it actual is!
So, I’ve partnered up with Grana to show you different workouts that I regularly do indoors and outdoors to keep myself motivated and fit in my favorite styles from Move. I’m still working on the abs so don’t judge that much! Some of these can be practical, like squats with dumbbells, lunges, sprinting, even hiking that I do to keep myself in shape. As for what I’m wearing, the quality of this new collection is just incredible, the fabric is super tech-fit and soft. Finally, I got these 4.5″ shorts that I craved for leg days, I mean, who doesn’t want to see their legs while they workout?
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The fit of the crewnecks and tank tops is very smart, it adheres to your body perfectly and manages moisture during your workouts perfectly, no sweaty tops people!
The shorts are my favorites! I picked the 4.5″ as I told you before, but they also have 6″4 for those who like basketball or wearing shorts that cover up more. These are made with a flexible technology, ideal for any type of sport or workout. Also, the color pallette is  very simple, they come in black, grey and blue. Black is my favorite color as it manages sweat and dirt better than any other. And, it just looks fashionable & bold.
I’ll leave some of the links where you can shop your favorites and check out the new Move collection.
Remember to always #setyourpace !

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