Second day of snow in New York and I’m loving it!
I actually didn’t like the bit of snow we had last month, because I fell on my bum down the stairs at the subway exit. However, this time I managed to get the right shoes to walk and was able to enjoy it. I went down today and crossed over to the park in front of my house. The trees look beautiful all covered in snow and the feeling of it gently falling upon your face is indescribable.
Coming from a warmer weather we never had anything close to snow.  We only saw snow in movies and as cliche as it sounds, it is the dream of a little kid to play with it one day. I probably saw snow like two times while traveling as a kid, but honestly I don’t remember a single thing about it.
I mean, I could be sitting on my bed watching the snow fall outside my window for hours, it is such a peaceful thing to do. Grab your coats, take your snow boots or shoes and go out, become that kid again. Take time for yourself and meditate on your resolutions for this year.
– C.P.




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