It’s been a few days of thinking whether I should post my thoughts about recent matters on my blog or not. But I thought to myself, hey, this is your platform. This is the most intimate way of communicating with your fellow passionates. I blog about lifestyle also so this falls pretty much on that category, am I right?
It’s been a tough week. I mean, I know people have tough days and good days. But man, it’s been a tough week! When I mean tough I refer myself to all the things going on in our world, not only in the United States, in the entire planet. So many changes, so many decisions being made for us in society that we sometimes cannot control.
Hope is something I hold very dear to myself everyday of living. I wanted to talk to you guys about how hope transforms into action and then into the results we want. Hope has got me where I am today. It hasn’t been all pretty pictures and brunching or traveling. As we all have our own stories, I’m feeling like I will talk more about my own pretty soon on the blog as a way to connect more with you guys and you can know me a little better.
Back to hope now. I honestly don’t know where I get my hope from? Well, I think I don’t have space for doubt and fear. It’s hope what makes us stronger every day. Ahead of tough times we must always try to keep a clear mindset of what we want, who we are and why are we here for. Everyone has their own mission in this world, if you believe or even if you don’t. Please remember you came to this planet through your mother by grace but with a free will. Our destiny is not shaped by fate or by someone else’s decisions. Our future is shaped by our own actions and how we choose to live this life. Don’t let any barrier or current event scare you away from achieving your dreams, even if they are living in the place where you always dreamt of living, chasing the career path you always saw yourself working in, marrying the man or woman of your dreams, having the babies you’ve always wished to, honoring the anthem you’ve always wanted to honor. Life is all about keeping hope and faith when the tough times come. There’s never going to be something so tough we won’t be able to handle.
Remember to think what moves you, what do you stand for? What do you want to achieve in this life? Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and will do. Honor what you believe in and have hope that you will achieve everything you’ve always wanted.
– C.P.

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