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I’ve decided to cut my hair like REALLY cut it short. Well, It’s not that short but only in front. Let me tell you I did indeed cut almost 4 inches of its length. I’ve been traveling a lot and I hadn’t had a proper cut for a while, maybe since my graduation or even before. Work and moving away has me busy but I finally did it. You know that moment when you realize I’ve had enough? When your hair’s too long it’s lost its style and its shape, when you can’t blow dry it as great as you used to before, when you have to head out and wash your hair so quick you can’t style it well because it takes more time. Well, I had enough! As some of you have seen I’m now in New York City! I found this cool place to cut my hair around LES (Lower East Side) and I trusted them (Rafael’s).

This haircut is way shorter in the back so it can blend easily with the sides on shorter length and a bit longer in the front. My front length is about an inch and half, almost to two inches long. Now I can go to the gym workout everyday and blow dry it without having to spend 30 minutes on it. It’s very manageable and I can just apply products and wash it the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my long hair and thankfully I received a few compliments about it. However I think to myself, now that I’m going through many changes in life I some how needed a fresh new start, a youthful yet bolder look where I look cleaner and simple, but elegant. I have a few shots where I styled this haircut with a perfect easy and cool look for fall, I hope you guys like it!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

What am I wearing?
Sweater (H&M)
Pants (H&M)
Shoes (Cole Haan)
Sunglasses (From a small store in Shanghai!)

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