Sometimes I find myself resisting to transition into fall. I come from a very tropical climate, Dominican Republic you guys know. After moving to Miami to finish my studies the climate didn’t vary much and there is never a need for a lot of layering, not even in winter. Now, I’m traveling and relocating, I find myself in New York and this is not going to be the same.
So, how do I start transitioning into fall when you’re always used to never layering and wearing shorts? Well, the easiest way I found was to start applying fall colors into your outfits and putting the t-shirts away. Right now it is not a season for shorts but trust me, it paid off. Here I am putting away my t-shirts and pulling out a white long sleeves shirt. Long-sleeves, this is the first step to fall. Next, burgundy! I decided to wear my last shorts and since burgundy is a fall tone I went for it, matching it with a pair of Dolce sneakers that I love!
– C.P.
What am I wearing?
Shirt (Scalpers & Co.)
Shorts (H&M)
Sneakers (Dolce & Gabbana)

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